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About the Roslyn Landmark Society


Since its creation in 1961, the Roslyn Landmark Society has been at the forefront of the preservation movement on Long Island. Our mission is to preserve and promote the rich history and historical resources in the Village of Roslyn and the surrounding community.

Today, with an ever-growing membership, the Roslyn Landmark Society  has begun restoration of the historic Roslyn Grist Mill , offers educational programs and operates the Van Nostrand-Starkins House (circa 1680). 

Tucked away in a valley on Long Island's North Shore, Roslyn NY is a nationally recognized landmark preservation success story. Thanks to the hard-work and dedication of countless members, volunteers, and elected officials, the 340 year-old village is not only a showcase of historic American architecture, it is a vibrant community illustrating the economic benefits of good preservation policies.

Upon surveying the town today, it is difficult to realize that this was not always the case. In the mid-20th century, Roslyn found itself under attack from insensitive developers, planners and zoning  boards. Due to the efforts of Dr. Roger and Peggy Gerry, however, in the 1960's the Board of Supervisors for the Town of North Hempstead designated Roslyn as a village worthy of preservation. In 1961, recognizing the need for a non-profit to oversee local preservation efforts, the Gerrys established the Roslyn Landmark Society. Today, the Society is committed to the preservation of our village and the surrounding area.

Although the Roslyn Landmark Society has enjoyed many successes over the years, our greatest challenge lies ahead. Witnessing increased developmental pressures, the Society is working diligently to preserve Roslyn's historic architecture and maintain the wonderful qualities of life it offers its residents.


"Preservation in this country is still a grassroots movement where individuals make the difference."

Dr. Roger Gerry, Founder of the Roslyn Landmark Society

 About Roslyn Landmark Society - Historic preservation of landmark properties on Long Island, New York.  Our history.  Tour our museum, historic sites, landmark homes.

Roslyn Landmark Society Headquarters located at 36 Main Street.



Roslyn Landmark Society Archives contain records of the Historic District Board early years as well as resources (clippings, magazines and books) on researching, restoring and furnishing historic structures. There are also old bibles and documents related to Roslyn from the early 1800’s through the 1900’s.  The collections at the Roslyn Landmark Society are available to researchers and the general public with a demonstrated need. The collections are not open to casual browsing. In order to access our collections you will need to the society one week in advance of your visit.

The Roslyn Landmark Society  was founded in 1961 as a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and promoting the history and historic resources of Roslyn and the surrounding communities.

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